White Bear Lake Dentist Discusses Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a restoration designed to replace a tooth that is damaged without extracting it. The crown is cemented on top of the damaged tooth. But why should people consider this option? Let’s take a look.
Why are Crowns Used?
Here are the main reasons that dental crowns are used.
A tooth that has a large fracture
Tooth needs a large filling
For protection after a root canal
Tooth has a broken cusp
Tooth has a damaged cusp
The enamel of the tooth is worn out
Teeth are misshaped
The top part of a dental implant is a dental crown cemented to the abutment
Why Choose a Crown?
With so many options available to restore your smile, why would someone choose to use a crown over one of the other treatments? Here are the main reasons:
They cost less than veneers
Crowns have more coverage than a veneer
Porcelain crowns are natural looking
Crowns are biocompatible to the mouth and don’t cause any adverse reactions
Dental crowns can last many years if they are taken care of, in fact, they can last a lifetime
Crowns are durable and don’t break easily
Getting a Dental Crown
If you decide that a crown is right for you – here are the steps you’ll go through.
1. The first appointment will involve reshaping the tooth, taking an impression and placing a temporary crown. Reshaping the tooth does mean that some of your tooth will be reduced to create a nice area for the crown to be cemented properly.
2. It will be about two weeks for the lab to make your dental crown unless the office has a lab in-house.
3. On the second visit, the dentist will cement your crown into your mouth. This normally only takes about 20 minutes.
If you think that a dental crown is a good option for your dental needs, make an appointment to speak with your dentist. This lower-cost alternative to other cosmetic procedures is a successful way to repair broken or decayed teeth without extraction. Once your teeth are repaired, you’ll be more confident and willing to show off your beautiful smile.