Cosmetic Dentist White Bear Lake MN on Buck Teeth

Buck teeth, also known as malocclusion, is a condition where the upper teeth overlap more than two millimeters of the lower teeth vertically or horizontally. With this kind of condition, many children lose their self-esteem because of their teeth. But what causes this kind of dental issue?


Your Cosmetic Dentist in White Bear Lake MN shares Some of the Reasons for Buck Teeth




Every part of your health is affected to a point by your genetic material. It might be inherited from a family member, but with bad habits, it will increase the chances of this problem coming out.


Imbalanced Growth of the Upper and Lower Jaws:


There is a skeletal discrepancy of the upper and lower jaw in which the lower teeth is far too behind the upper front teeth. It is caused by an unfitting position of the molars.


Large Tooth Size:


This is when the teeth are larger as compared to the normal size in which it takes more space. It may also appear protruding.


Thumb-Sucking or Constant Use of A Pacifier:


Children who still suck their thumb after their permanent teeth appear could cause permanent changes that could affect the tooth and jaw structure. With constant thumb sucking and pacifying, it hinders the proper growth of the teeth and causes the teeth to grow outwards.


Jaw Clenching and Tooth Grinding:


It is putting a severe amount of pressure on the teeth which can fracture the teeth which cause an overbite. It makes the teeth to protrude.


Tongue Thrusting:


It is the habit of pushing the tongue forward when swallowing. With this, the tongue forces the teeth and arches out the alignment which causes the teeth to protrude.


With the help of the modern technology, there are many available options for treatment of buck teeth. Contact your Cosmetic Dentist in White Bear Lake MN today to learn about all of the treatment options.