Dentist in White Bear Lake MN shares his knowledge about Vitamins & Minerals

A perfect smile can change a person's appearance. This is why your teeth are important assets of your body that should never be overlooked. Making a healthy smile requires effort and knowing what to exactly feed your mouth takes knowledge. Your dentist in White Bear Lake MN listed the vitamins and minerals you will need to ensure a great smile.


1.) Vitamin A

* Aside from helping us have good eyesight, vitamin A also helps us keep enough saliva supply. Saliva production is essential in breaking down our food.

* It helps us become less susceptible to sickness and unprecedented illnesses by keeping our mucous membranes always healthy.

* Oranges, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Fish and Egg Yolks contain our needed vitamin A.


2.) B Vitamins

* To get rid of oral inflammation and mouth sores, add B vitamins into your diet plan.

* B vitamins are abundant in fish, legumes, dairy products, almonds, and the like.


3.) Vitamin C

* Vitamin C is needed in maintaining your gum strength. Lack of this vitamin weakens the connective tissues of the gums and can be prone to bleeding.

* Keep your gums healthy by eating peppers, oranges, berries, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.


4.) Calcium

* Our teeth are widely composed of calcium; hence, it needs that enough supply for a stronger structure.

* Eat the right amount of sardines, green vegetables, legumes, and sugar-free dairy products or consult a doctor to get the right intake amount.


5.) Phosphorus

* Calcium is needed to be paired with Phosphorus to make the most out of the minerals.

* Phosphorus can also be consumed from dairy products like cheese, red meat, and milk.


6.) Iron

* Lack of iron weakens the immune system increases exposure to infection and disease. This affects your oral health too.

* Defend your body by eating foods rich in iron including seafood, cereals, bread and eggs.


Contact your dentist in White Bear Lake MN to learn more practical ways to take care of your dental health.