55110 Dentist Discusses Helpful & Harmful Foods for Teeth

White smiles are what everyone desires. That’s why it’s important to be careful what you eat. Many foods will stain the teeth and alter our appearance. Let’s take a quick look at the foods that leave their mark and the ones you should opt for instead.
Foods that Stain Your Teeth
Lemons and other citrus foods leave a yellow tinge to your teeth. Even though they have lots of nutrients, they also erode your enamel. 
Coffee is another substance that stains due to its tannins. This favorite beverage also adjusts the pH level of your mouth which leads to easier damage.
Sugary foods and beverages don’t stain your teeth directly, but they allow bacteria to feed on the sugar. That releases acids that break down your enamel and leave your yellow-colored dentin exposed.
Berries are also full of great antioxidants but leave some severe stains behind. Just like it’s hard to get their stain out of your clothing, it’s equally challenging to get them off your teeth.
Red Wine leaves your teeth a shade of gray that can often be more difficult to remove than yellow stains. Don’t run to white wine too quickly. It turns out that this also leads to darker blotches on the teeth.
Best Foods for Your White Teeth
If you want a white smile, you’ll want to add some of these foods to your diet. Start with fibrous fruits like apples and pears. They boost salvia production which cleans the teeth plus the fiber scrubs your teeth.
Another option is baking soda. Occasionally, you can add some to your toothbrush for a whitening boost. Just don’t do it often or you could damage your enamel.
Strawberries are the one berry that actually whitens your smile. They contain malic acid which helps remove plaque.
Another excellent choice is cheese. You fight cavities with this dairy product because it raises the pH level of your mouth and stimulates saliva production.
The most important thing you can do is drink plenty of water. This helps to keep your teeth clean no matter what you’re eating. If you have more questions about what you should and shouldn’t eat, make an appointment to talk to your 55110 dentist.