Sinus pressure or a toothache?


Both sinus pressure and a toothache are excruciating and difficult to discern from one another because of how centrally located both your teeth and your sinuses are, but the treatment differences are very clear. How can you tell if you have sinus pressure or a toothache, though?


Sinus Pressure


Sinus pressure originates from your sinuses, your ear, and your nose area, but as the tension builds, the pain can move down to your jawline, emulating tooth pain. He can throw off some people and make them think they have a toothache when they don’t have tooth pain.




Toothaches originate along the jawline instead of in the sinus area but can gradually lead to infections that irritate the sinuses as well, making people think they may have a sinus infection.


The Difference


The originating factor is precisely what should be your determining factor. If your pain or discomfort starts in your jaw, you have a toothache; if you have sinus pressures, your pain or discomfort will begin in your ears or nose instead.


If you have pain in your jaw, you likely have a toothache problem and not a sinus infection; you should give us a call to set up an appointment as soon as possible.