White Bear Lake Dentist Helps Improve Oral Health with Simple Tips

Trying to maintain good oral health and keep your teeth free of cavities, stains, and plaque can often seem like an uphill battle. The truth is, however, that good oral health care is really very simple. Brushing and flossing every day are the cornerstones of a good dental care routine, combined with a healthy diet and avoiding habits such as smoking, fingernail biting, etc. Even if you stick to a good oral care routine, you may find that each trip to the your White Bear Lake dentist only results in more bad news. If you never seem to be able to keep your teeth at an optimally healthy level, consider these three simple habits that can have big effects on your oral health. 
Stop Sipping Sodas
Everyone knows that soft drinks are full of sugar, which can wreak havoc on your teeth. For that reason, most dentists will tell you to avoid them altogether. But if you have a soft spot for sodas and enjoy them on a regular basis, you can still take steps to keep your teeth healthy in spite of a barrage of sugar and acid. Instead of leisurely sipping on sodas throughout the day or over the course of a long period of time, simply drink your soda all at once, or with a meal. When you sip all day, the sugars and acids linger on the teeth and cause enamel breakdown within 30 minutes. If you drink your soda more quickly, and leave time between drinks, you can keep your teeth free of these harmful substances. It is also extremely helpful to rinse thoroughly with water after finishing a soft drink. 
Brush, But Don’t Rinse
Many people, when brushing their teeth, will instinctively rinse their mouth with water after they have brushed their teeth. Don’t do this! When you rinse with water, you are removing all the beneficial fluoride ions from the toothpaste. The proper thing to do is to brush, spit out the excess toothpaste, and let the remainder stay in your mouth. By doing so, your teeth remain bathed in fluoride. 
Don’t Overbrush, or Brush Too Hard
If tooth brushing is good for your teeth, then brushing more should result in healthier teeth, right? Wrong! There is such a thing as over-brushing. Two to three times a day is truly all it takes to keep your teeth healthy. Since tooth brushing is an inherently abrasive act, overdoing it can cause breakdown of enamel and recession of the gums. Similarly, brushing too hard or in a back-and-forth motion can prematurely weaken the teeth. 
As simple as these 3 habits are, employing them in your daily life can have big impacts on the health of your smile.