55110 area dentist describes silver vs. composite resin fillings


The team of White Bear Lake Dental works with patients to help them determine the best possible treatment option for their smile. When dental decay is a concern and needs to be addressed, patients are often unsure as to whether they should choose silver amalgam fillings or composite resin fillings to treat their area of decay. Working with a dentist such as Dr. Joy Johnson who offers both is the first step in comparing the two for possible treatment.


Silver amalgam fillings are metal fillings that have been used for decades for the treatment of decay. These fillings are a dark gray and are comprised of 50% mercury. The area of decay is treated and cleaned before this silver metal is administered into the tooth and hardened.


Composite resin fillings, on the other hand, are more aesthetic. This material is also available for use. It is the same color as natural tooth enamel, meaning that it will blend in with the tooth structure and is practically indistinguishable from the tooth itself. Another benefit of composite resin bonding is that the material does not expand and contract with temperature changes. This can occur with silver amalgam fillings, resulting in bacteria entering into the tooth structure. While composite resin fillings are often more expensive than conventional silver amalgam fillings, they are highly desirable for the reasons listed above. Patients who want a discreet treatment for cavities will often pay extra for this aesthetic solution.


Deciding which is best for you starts with a consultation appointment at White Bear Lake Dental. Dr. Joy Johnson is available to help new and existing patients in the area of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Her practice address is 4100 Bellaire Avenue in the zip code of 55110. She can be reached to make an appointment by calling (651) 653-3802 and encourages patients to learn more about the two types of fillings available in her practice for the treatment of cavities. She welcomes patients who are interested in learning about this and many other restorative dental procedures provided in her state-of-the-art dental office.