Why patients in the 55110 area may require extractions from their dentist


Dr. Joy Johnson is a dentist in the area of 55110 Minnesota in White Bear Lake. Her practice, White Bear Lake Dental, encourages patients to take the time to educate themselves on their oral health and wellness. She offers a myriad of treatments for general, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry. Many patients ask her about the need for extractions.


Dental extractions are the removal of teeth from the smile. This may be done surgically or as a “simple” extraction. Teeth that have already erupted through the gum line can be removed through simple extraction, during which the dentist wedges the tooth out of the bone using a special instrument. This is all done with proper anesthetics and sedation for patient comfort. Surgical extractions are done during oral surgery and require the dentist to access the tooth below the gum line. This may require cutting and stitches, so patients should take the time to ask questions before their procedure regarding after-care.


Extractions may be required for a variety of the reasons. The most popular reason is due to impaction. Impaction occurs a lot with the wisdom teeth, which are the third molars which erupt last near the back of the mouth. These teeth are often removed surgically because they cannot erupt through the gum line on their own. Other times patients have erupted wisdom teeth removed because of the risk of periodontal disease and cavities. Extractions may also be performed to remove teeth prior to orthodontic treatment or to make room for permanent teeth coming through the gum line.


Dr. Joy Johnson of White Bear Lake Dental offers patients in the 55110 area a wide selection of treatments for improving the health and beauty of the smile. She is a member of both the Minnesota Dental Association and the American Dental Association and believes in providing optimum care and attention for every patient who visits her practice. If you live in the area of White Bear Lake and are ready for quality dental care, contact her team today. She can be reached at (651) 653-3802 or by visiting at 4100 Bellaire Avenue. Why wait for comprehensive dental care solutions? Contact White Bear Lake Dental today!