White Bear Lake Dentist Shares Post Care Tips

After tooth extraction, one of the leading concerns is protecting the socket. One of the reasons is to avoid any dry socket developments. These form when the blood clot that’s protecting the gum area gets knocked loose. This exposes the nerve lying beneath it. 
Alveolar Ridge Preservation
Alveolar (or socket) ridge preservation procedure is done by placing a bone graft in the socket. This is the hole where the tooth once resided. The graft can be made from synthetic materials, human bone or bone from other animals such as a cow. 
Once this graft is placed into the socket, your dentist covers up the area with a collagen membrane. Then, sutures are used to close the hole and keep the area from opening back up. The primary goal behind socket preservation is to improve the overall appearance of your remaining gums and teeth. Then, down the road, you’ll be able to get a dental implant to further enhance your appearance. 
In addition, having a dental implant put in will be less complicated as a result of the socket preservation procedure.
Care after Extraction
It’s crucial that you take good care of the extraction area when the procedure is over. This helps to protect your gum line and gives you additional comfort while the socket heals. You might need to avoid brushing that area for a short time, as the dentist recommends. It’s also important to avoid adding any pressure to your mouth. Avoid using a straw or smoking cigarettes as that can lead to a dry socket. You’ll also want to stay away from eating anything hard until the area has healed properly.
If you are concerned about having an extraction, avoiding dry sockets or the procedure to protect the socket, you need to speak with your dentist. Make a comprehensive list of things you want to discuss and have it ready for your next appointment. Your White Bear Lake dentist knows what treatments are best for your mouth, so it’s essential that you listen to their guidance. Together, the two of you can create the smile you’ve been dreaming about.