55110 Dentist Links Oral Heal & Stomach Cancers

Scientists don’t have to tell us that when a part of our body is unhealthy, it could lead to other complications, or even other diseases. That is certainly the case here. Bacteria inside your mouth works to do all kinds of jobs. There are good bacteria that help fight off infections, plaque, and break down your food. Your saliva even has healing properties that researchers are currently testing. Bacterial diversity in your mouth is a sign of a healthy oral regimen. But according to a recent study, when that diversity is diminished, and the oral pathogens are increased, it lead to finding precancerous lesions in the stomach. Essentially, periodontal disease will cause the ups and downs in pathogens and bacteria, but then it starts affecting other parts of the body, mainly the organs that follow the mouth. 
How Can I Prevent These Things from Happening?
If you stick to a normal routine of keeping your mouth healthy, you likely don’t have to worry about periodontal disease. However, there are a lot of people, even in the U.S., that don’t have adequate dental care. The diseases associated with poor dental care have been found to cause many other problems, including cancers. And not just oral cancer, either. Having regular dental checkups and a good dialogue with your 55110 dentist will ensure your mouth stays healthy, so you don’t need to worry about the bad things that happen when a dentist isn’t around. 
What Have They Found?
Studies have been done with a goal in mind to understand the correlation between periodontal disease and lesions in the stomach that lead to stomach cancer. So, more ways are now possible to test for stomach cancer. Doctors that can test saliva for the telltale signs of periodontal disease may be concerned with the probability that stomach lesions could exist as well. This knowledge can help people identify the cancer early, so they can fight to beat it, and more people will live longer, happier lives. 
If you have a problem with periodontal disease, does that mean you have stomach cancer? Absolutely not, however, you may want to see a doctor to confirm the health of your body. To fight cancer, you must know you have it, so you can get the proper care.
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