Keep Your Smile Less-Spooky This Year with the help of your White Bear Lake Family Dentist!

You have to wonder, is it the best idea to have National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween fall in the same month? Could this combination of great oral health tips be drowned out by fists full of chocolates and candies going into patient mouths instead? Well, your White Bear Lake family dentist actually thinks it is a great teaching and learning time for trick or treaters of all ages.


While we have covered some oral health tips that we would regularly suggest in our FAQs, today we wanted to directly tackle tips for how you can enjoy your Halloween treats this year, AND keep a healthy smile.



With bags and bags of our favorite candies sitting around all month, it can be very tempting to go on a binge at any given point. Unfortunately for you, and your mouth, there are two unique forms on binging that can impact your oral health. The first would be the “all at once” strategy. Eating all of your favorite candies in one small sitting is not going to be good for your teeth, or your supply of candy. Try to limit yourself to one or two pieces at a time. Secondly, do not stretch this “one or two pieces at a time” into three then eight than ten over the course of a day. Elongating and continuously snacking can also be harmful. It will result in sugar resting on the teeth for longer periods of time, which can result in decay, disease, and other damage.



There is certainly a big step in the quality of candy we eat. Sticky varieties are the absolute worst for the teeth. They can get stuck between the teeth easier, allowing for any sugar content to sit around longer after the candy is gone. Try replacing this sticky options with chocolate, and always make sure to brush and floss afterward.


For more trick or treat candy tips, contact your White Bear Lake family dentist for more advice today at (651) 653-3802. Happy Halloween from our family to yours!