One of the most common questions that parents ask is if the fever their child is experiencing is due to teething. Most parents have those horror stories in which they children were running high fevers and they seemed to be very fussy. But, does teething cause a fever in children? 
The answer to this question is no. But what causes numerous parents to claim otherwise? 
There are a few reasons for this:
1. Most kids will be warm to the touch due to being fussy.
2. Kids who are teething may have had red cheeks or faces due to the fussiness.
3. The child may be a little warm to the touch since they are in such a state of fussiness. 
When parents see the red face, the flushed complexion and the slight temperature incline, they automatically assume this is a fever. However, the American Dental Association points out that a fever is not a common sign associated with teething. 
Why the Fever?
Many parents who have teething babies take their temperatures and find that these are slightly elevated. However, a fever is defined as being 100.4 or higher. Being slightly over the common 98.6 is not considered a fever from a medical standpoint. If your child does start to run a fever that is above 100.4 degrees, there are a few explanations:
- The child has a cold or allergies that just happens to coincide with cutting teeth
- They have an infection of some sort, which a tooth infection cannot be ruled out at this point
- The child has contracted a virus
Most dentists and doctors agree that the number of times they see children with fevers who are teething is rather high. However, in many of these cases the children have a lower immune system since they may not be sleeping or eating as well, along with putting many things in their mouths that parents may not be properly disinfecting. It is important that as their parent you see your doctor and dentist when these issues arise.
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