Dentist in the 55110 area describes types of dental crowns & their differences

A dental crown is essential for making the teeth look stronger. Three major kinds of crowns are available for use, namely the all-metal, all-ceramic, and the porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.


All-metal crown

    An all-metal crown is fabricated entirely out of metal. Although a number of metal alloys can be used in the fabrication process, “gold” is still the most “in-demand” as it is considered classic. Silver or the so-called “white gold” comes next.


   Metal crowns are used when great strength is needed as they are the strongest and the most durable among the three types of dental crowns. Also, this kind is usually placed on molars where they can be out of sight. So, when aesthetic consideration is not a major concern, metal crowns are the best to use.


All-ceramic crown

     An all-ceramic crown is produced by using a kind of dental ceramic, such as porcelain. The production can be handcrafted by a dental technician or sculpted from one block of ceramic by a computerized milling machine.

     This type of crown is known to have achieved the most natural look as its color and appearance resemble that of a real tooth.


Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

     A Porcelain-fused-to-metal-crown (PFM) is a cross between an all-metal and an all-ceramic crown. When made, a very thin metal thimble is devised to support the tooth. Then, porcelain is blended with the metal shell and burned over a heating system.


     With this type of crown, the tooth that looks white as porcelain is used to cover the area that people can see. Moreover, a generous amount of metal is utilized as it provides a strong base for the tooth.


     PFM crowns are the best choice for the front teeth. The porcelain would make it look natural and the metal would provide strength and durability.


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