55110 Dentist Shares Helpful Tips

It’s important that we care for our environment with the same enthusiasm we do when caring for our dental hygiene. When you take time out of your day to brush your teeth, use these simple steps to show Mother Nature how much you care for her as well. It won’t take you any more time and you can make a huge impact.
Turn off the Water
While brushing your teeth, be sure to turn off the water. If you don’t, you can use up to four gallons of water that you don’t need. If you brush twice a day (like you are supposed to), that’s eight gallons wasted every day. Add that up for a month and you are looking at 200 gallons, per person.
Instead, just wet your toothbrush and then shut off the water. Don’t get it flowing again until you are ready to rinse.
Don’t Waste Any
Lots of people let the water run until it hits the right temperature. Instead of letting it flow down the drain, why not keep a container nearby that you can fill up. Then, use this for your houseplants or put it in the dog’s water bowl instead.
Utilize a Cup
Instead of using your hands when you are ready to rinse, use a cup. The hands have lots of germs on them, so a cup is more sanitary plus you are letting a lot of water gets wasted as it runs through your hands. Just keep a cup by the sink that is used for rinsing instead.
Look for Leaks
While you brush your teeth, give your sink a quick inspection. Look for leaks coming from the pipes or the faucet itself. If you notice any drips, get them taken care of promptly. Even a few drips each day can lead to hundreds of gallons of wasted water each year.
Make brushing your teeth about saving the environment as well and it will be a win-win situation for all. You have the power to make a difference with the small actions you take today.
Along with daily brushing, your 55110 dentists recommends professional dental cleanings twice a year. Call White Bear Lake Dental today at (651) 653-3802 to schedule your next appointment.