3 Top Qualities of a Great 55110 Dentist 


Looking for a new dentist in your area? It helps to know the qualities of a great one. Beyond providing an ample number of dental services and having a convenient location, the following qualities will give you peace of mind and help you improve your dental health at the same time.  


Keep reading to learn some of the top qualities you should look for in a new 55110 dentist!  


Excellent Communication 


Your dentist must be on your side when it comes to communication. You need to feel as if they’re patient and willing to listen to your concerns, past medical issues, and goals for your smile. They also need to be able to thoroughly explain the procedures they recommend so that you can make informed medical decisions.  


Clean Environment 


Does it smell and look fresh when you walk into the dental office? Of course, as a medical facility, this is incredibly important. But, beyond your comfort, you mustn’t feel as if you’ll exacerbate your allergies or develop an illness just by coming in for your appointment.  


Proper sanitation is the bare minimum that should be expected from a dentist. If you don’t feel they’re keeping up with cleanliness, it’s time to look elsewhere!  


Empathetic Advocates 


Lastly, your dentists and hygienists need to have healthy doses of empathy. If you have dental anxiety, they’ll take more time with you to help you feel comfortable with the process. They might also offer nitrous oxide, change the music to something you like, or turn on the television to keep you distracted.  


Discover a Great 55110 Dentist Today 


Often, a first appointment or consultation is the only way to determine whether a 55110 dentist is right for you or not. While their website and glowing reviews may seem incredible, you might find the office too busy or not kept clean.  


Fortunately, at White Bear Lake Dentist, we pride ourselves on providing the best dental care you can find. Schedule an appointment with us today!